Sweet Dreams

Sisters Mary Kay Oney-Hatt and Kathy Burke, had a dream…literally.

In early 2008, Kathy was living in Ohio working at a factory. She had a dream one night that she was working in Florida and was running a bakery.

“I was always the “Cookie Aunt” for years, she said. “My nieces and nephews loved my cookies and I’d always enjoyed baking.” After her dream, Kathy called her sister Mary Kay, who lived in Florida.


Sweet Ida Mae’s Bakery with Mary Kay Oney-Hatt and Kathy Burke

During that phone call they realized they’d had the same dream, only in Mary Kay’s dream, she’d gone to culinary school.


“We were also both reading the same motivational book that encourages people to follow their passions in life” she said. “I never thought I’d quit the factory, but after the dream and the book, I thought ‘Gosh, I think this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life’.”

Mary Kay was laid off shortly thereafter due to budget cuts and she came to the same conclusion. “I’m going to do what I always wanted to do.” she said, and started planning.

“I graduated from The Art Institute of Tampa at the end of 2008 and we started planning our business then,” Mary Kay said. “We planned for about a year and one day, an opportunity just fell in our laps.”

Kathy had seen a bomb squad truck that was for sale in Ohio. The ladies told the seller they were interested and, two weeks later, Mary Kay flew to the Midwest to get things taken care of for Kathy’s move south.


The ladies packed up the truck with Kathy’s possessions and drove south. “It took us some time to get the truck gutted and fixed up inside” Mary Kay explained. “We decorated it and put in carpet and we started baking.”


The sisters craft their baked goods at home and also use a friend’s bread bakery and then load the truck. Their business, Sweet Ida Mae’s Bakery Food Truck can be found at farmer’s markets, food truck rallies and other special events. “That’s when we found Logolenses and ordered some customized glasses to wear,” Mary Kay said. “The reception of the glasses was amazing. They were a real complement to our business and we had several people asking us where we’d gotten them.”

99 (1)

“Then we started to get questions about if people could order them from us” Kathy said. “So we became resellers with Logolenses.” The ladies designed glasses for weddings, bridal shows, and even designed some for the City of Dunedin for their Halloween event.  “We’ve sold them at music festivals, art festivals, pretty much anywhere there are groups of people and everyone just loved them. It’s a truly different way to advertise our company” she said.

“We’ve had people approach our bakery truck and say ‘But, I don’t eat sweets’ and now that we have the “I ♥ Wine” and “Let’s Party” glasses, we have an alternative item to offer them” Mary Kay explained. “Plus, you can create anything you want. Logolenses has a team of designers that have worked with us several times to make sure we love the glasses. You can choose from several different frame colors, fonts styles, even background artwork.”

Kathy designed some glasses with her mother’s picture on them for an upcoming family reunion. She also made some for the rest of her family members.

89 (2)


“Their customer service department guided me every step of the way, from design to production completion. Logolenses is great and we plan to use them a lot more for some of our upcoming events” she said.

Logolenses is one of the top custom sunglasses manufacturer in the United States. They offer quantity discount pricing and low price guarantee. Most orders leave their warehouse within 2 days and they offer free UPS Ground Shipping in the U.S. on all orders over $100.

Logolenses has added new Gay Pride designs to their catalog

Gay pride and those who support the social movement believe in taking a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people to help promote their self-affirmation, dignity, and equal rights while celebrating sexual diversity and gender variance. Logolenses is proud to announce the newest collection of custom sunglasses for the gay and straight community. The newest designs include the female and male gender symbols, and designs that represent support for the Gay Pride movement.

89 (1)

Support for homosexual rights really took off in the 1960s with the civil rights movement. The turning point for gay liberation came on June 28, 1969, when patrons of the popular Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village fought back against ongoing police raids of their neighborhood bar. Stonewall is still considered a watershed moment of gay pride and has been commemorated since the 1970s with “pride marches” held every June across the United States.


Not everyone who supports gay rights is homosexual, for those who want to show their support to friends and family, Logolenses is offering “I Support” and “Pride” designs. Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), formed in 1972, offered family members greater support roles in the gay rights movement. Enormous marches on Washington drew as many as 1 million gay rights supporters in 1987 and again in 1993.

90 (1)

The 21st century has heralded new legal gains for gay and lesbian couples. Same-sex civil unions are recognized by more states than ever before. To celebrate the Pride movement national events include pride parades and marches, rallies, commemorations, community days, dance parties, and large festivals. Logolenses is proud to offer new designs or custom sunglasses to make any of these events special and memorable.

Logolenses also offers side arm imprinted sunglasses available with any Gay Pride symbols or message desired. Common symbols of the pride movement are the rainbow or pride flag, the lowercase Greek letter lambda (λ) and the pink triangle.

90 (2)


LogoLenses is the top customizable sunglass manufacturer and distributor in the U.S. Their corporate office is located in sunny Clearwater Florida, and they ship to locations worldwide. They offer competitive pricing, quantity pricing discounts and a lowest price guarantee. LogoLenses strives to process each order as quickly as possible and almost all orders leave their facility within 2 business days.

Logolenses announces new Life Events catalog

There are so many life events worth celebrating like having a new baby, celebrating a birthday or having a Silver Anniversary. Logolenses is proud to announce the addition of the new Life Event’s collection to the online catalog.

For those expecting parents hosting a baby shower, there are “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” customized sunglasses. Perfect for handing out to guests as a keepsake marking the special occasion. There is also “New Mommy” and “New Daddy” pairs for parents who want to keep the baby’s gender a surprise.


The new Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah customized glasses will make celebrating the coming of age for a special Jewish boy or girl all the more special of an event.


As summer approaches, college students are looking forward to Graduation. Logolenses has added designs for Graduation 2014 to their online catalog as well. Popular styles include “Congratulations Graduate” and “I got a BA in BS” customizable sunglasses.


Another big life event is turning 16. Many teens look forward to this landmark age and often celebrate with a big celebration of friends and family. The Logolenses Sweet 16 sunglasses can be customized to include names, dates or other special messages.


Additionally, we’ve added Happy Retirement glasses as well as 25th and 50th Anniversary glasses. We can also create customized sunglasses for you, complete with full color lenses or side arm imprinted glasses.


Logolenses wants to help you design the perfect sunglasses for every event. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and the highest quality in novelty glasses. We are located in sunny Clearwater, Florida and almost all of our orders leave our warehouse within 2 days

Logolenses – We love it when our customers love us

Some days my job is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things I do.  Special days when Logolenses shows growth and progress through excellent customer service always make me the happiest.

About a week ago, it was late afternoon when the woman called and asked me a bit desperately if we could complete an order for 10  custom sunglasses featuring her cheerleading team. The team was going to a competition in Daytona on Wednesday.

I spoke to our production manager who assured me we would do whatever we needed to do to get those glasses to her in time for the competition. The order was placed around 4pm on a Monday afternoon and we completed production and shipped the glasses by 9am the next day.

She was thrilled with her order and sent our team this in an email:

“I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! to Jennifer and LogoLenses for shipping a last-minute order so incredibly fast to our dance team performing in Daytona! You even beat the due date promised! The girls loved them and I will definitely recommend LogoLenses to everyone”!
Laura Zagorski

She made my day when she sent us a picture of all her girls wearing their glasses.


Earlier this week we also got an email from another pleased customer

“I recently ordered some custom sunglasses from y’all and I just wanted to reach out and say that the staff at Logolenses was extremely helpful and responsive. I worked with some other companies/sites and didn’t have near the quick response, customization, and ease of your staff. Just wanted to make sure that it didn’t go unnoticed. Maybe y’all should open up a place where feedback can be left for other customers to see. I will definitely be recommending y’all to anyone that I know of that is doing promotional stuff or whatever”.

Thanks!   James Farmer

There really is nothing like opening up my email and getting feedback from happy customers. All of us here want our customers to love their customized sunglasses. We want to help make a birthday, bachelor party or wedding day special for each of them. We work closely with our customers and our designers to ensure each pair is perfect.

Logolenses is located in Clearwater, Florida. We take great pride in the fact that most of our customer’s orders leave our warehouse within 48 hours. We have a team of designers on hand to help with designs and ideas on all customized sunglasses. We are the top manufacturer and distributor of customized sunglasses in the United States. We strive to provide top quality sunglasses and exceptional customer service.

Music that honors sunglasses

It’s an overcast, rainy day here at the Logolenses office, not exactly perfect weather for sunglasses but it has got me thinking about all of the references to sunglasses in pop culture.

When I was growing up in the 80s, a pop star named Corey Hart released his hit “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” and suddenly, that was to coolest thing to do. Later, Corey Hart said wearing your sunglasses at night starts to hurt your eyes after a while, but the song is still a hit among 30-somethings all over the world. Had Mr. Hart chosen Logolenses customized sunglasses, he could have featured his song title on them and his visibility would have been less strained.

The song “Cheap Sunglasses” by ZZ Top came out in 1980, when I was just an infant. Later in college, I rediscovered the song and started listening to it all the time.  ZZ Top, while known better for their long hair and beards, were also known for their trademark shades.

There is the punk music styling’s of The Cramps and their song “Sunglasses After Dark”, the most famous line being…“Sunglasses after dark/ aaah, they’re so sharp/ and you’ll be cool /and the squares will drool…”

Nothing better than some old-school Cramps to get you in a sunglass wearing mood. For Cramps fans, you can always wear your Logolenses customized sunglasses after dark.

The 1980s also brought us Timbuk’s “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” which I remember rocking out to on the school bus and at the roller skating rink downtown.

An obscure sunglasses musical reference comes from the song “Debbie” by The B-52s, which is a tribute to Debbie Harry of the band Blondie. ”Shell-shocked supersonic blonde/ Hyper phonic female/ Dark sunglasses on/ everyone is here to see/ her all-girl rock band”

Lastly, is Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer”, specifically the line that says “You’ve got your hair slicked back and those Retros on, baby.” The Retro style glasses were originally designed by Ray-Ban and are the same style of glasses hipsters wear now

Several other singers have paid tribute to sunglasses including Bob Dylan in his song, “Outlaw Blues”, Rage against the Machine’s song “Tire Me” pays homage to sunglasses, as does Dean Martin’s song, “Shades”.

Logolenses wants to help you design the perfect sunglasses for every event. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and the highest quality in novelty glasses. We are located in sunny Clearwater, Florida and almost all of our orders leave our warehouse within 2 days


LogoLenses Announces New Designs for Spring Break

Make Spring Break Memorable With Customized Glasses from LogoLenses

Spring has sprung and LogoLenses is pleased to present some new Spring Break designs in the online catalog. The sun is finally starting to shine after a long winter, what better way to get into the mood for spring than with a new pair of customized sunglasses?

90 (1)

The tradition of Spring Break now sprawls across international borders but the idea for a “spring break” started out rather innocently. According to legend, a Colgate University swim coach was worried his 1934-35 team might get out of shape during the Christmas break. A student’s father, who lived in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., suggested the team train at a big new pool in the city.


So they did. As the first Northerners to swim there, the group was warmly welcomed. Word started to spread among college students that the city was great to visit in winter and, eventually, spring. Decades of cultural upheaval later, with unruly hordes numbering in the hundreds of thousands, Spring Break has become an annual tradition complete with excessive partying and debauchery.


LogoLenses has several new designs to make Spring Break memorable with customized sunglasses. There are three frame styles available including Retro, Aviator and Pixel. The lenses are completely customizable with slogans, group names or a Spring Break location. The glasses are a great keepsake for remembering all the fun that was had on Spring Break. Retro style sunglasses are also available and can be customized with side arm imprinting. Names, dates and logos can added to make the imprinted glasses get noticed.


LogoLenses is the top customizable sunglass manufacturer and distributor in the U.S. Their corporate office is located in sunny Clearwater Florida, but they ship glasses to locations worldwide. They offer competitive pricing and quantity pricing discounts. LogoLenses strives to process each order as quickly as possible and almost 100% of orders leave the facility within 2 business days.


Another form of self expression

Ever since I was a very little girl, I loved to match my outfits with my jewelry and shoes. Once I began wearing makeup, I would make sure my eye shadow matched my blouse. I refused to wear brown shoes with an outfit that I’d accessorized in black. I would choose to wear my hair in styles that complimented what I wore, something I still do today.

So, after joining the Logolenses team, I saw all of the different colors and styles of frames we offered…I knew my dream of having a pair of sunglasses to match every outfit I owned could become a reality. I took a close look at the glasses and saw that while affordable, they are sturdy shades that meet all of the federal UV protection requirements.

My heart began to race as it sunk in that I would be able to really express my individuality with my new eye wear. I could mix and match any color frame and any style of lenses I wished. Logolenses, while good quality, are inexpensive enough to buy one for every mood.


These glasses can either help get noticed, or show your team spirit and enthusiasm. Suddenly I was getting ideas about the annual cancer awareness walk I participate in every year. What a great way to show which team is mine. I thought of Spring Break and being able to have a pair of sunglasses to match each of my three swimsuits. I remembered being in band class in High School and spending over $35 for a personalized sweatshirt that I never wore. If we had ordered personalized sunglasses, I probably would have worn them nearly every day.

The possibilities are endless, from celebrating a memorable event to putting your own personal twist on a favorite outfit, LogoLenses can make you stand out and make any day special.

Coming Soon! New Frame Style!

bluegreen OrangePinkyellowWhite

Over the past few months, Logo Lenses has received many requests that we add a broader frame selection to our “repertoire”.  No customer is too small to have a great idea, and we take pride in the fact that we actually take our customers’ suggestions seriously. We are happy to announce that soon we will be adding the neon-armed frame style shown above!  If all goes according to planned, this will be the first of many additions to our inventory.

Logo Lenses understands that each customer has different needs, and as we grow larger,  we still want to be able to maintain that “small business” feeling–we want to be on the same page as our customers at all times, know your names, and we want to know your concerns/suggestions.  Over the next couple of months, we will be adding a Customer Sign-In, where our customers will be able to log into the website with a personal profile that will enable us to keep our close business relationships in tact.

We would like to extend a formal apology to all of our customers for having a limited stock in the past month.  We are currently a “victim of success”, and while this is a good problem to have, it’s no excuse for customers whom we have been unable to meet their needs over the past few weeks.  We are always striving for 100% customer satisfaction, and we are going to do everything we can to prevent this from becoming an issue in the future.  Again, we apologize.

In a nutshell, I personally want to extend a warm thanks to everyone who has been supporting us since the beginning.  Without you, none of this is possible.  Logo Lenses is a company with vision (pun intended), and with your help we can continue providing quality personalized eyewear to consumers around the globe at affordable prices.

Thank you all!